I love being bit, it is one of my kinks.  The feel of teeth biting into me during foreplay makes me wet.  Someone biting me during sex, Yum.  I have always loved my ankles or thighs to be bitten…but tonight. Sir discovered a new spot…my inner, upper thigh.
There I was, laying down, half asleep, he was not tired. His mouth and hands began to caress and re-discover my body. 
He knows I like being bitten, so he starts to nibble on me everywhere!!
I am fully awake now, enjoying what he is doing to me.  Taking in his shaddow, his body on top of mine, his scent.  He gets close to my holes and he starts tugging with his teeth….I start dripping, wanting him to enter me.  His mouth finds my thigh and he starts biting and tugging.  I cannot wait for him to enter, I beg for him to allow me to cum. Not yet, he commands.  He moves to the opposite thigh and leaves more marks… I am in heaven, I cannot wait, but I must. 
After he has finished torturing me, he turns me over, thrusts inside me and has his way.
Two days later, my thighs are sensitive and bruised…I am a happy girl, I now have a new favorite spot for bites.

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