Ran into an ex last night.  Well, he ran into me as he knows where I am every Friday night.  Anyway, had me thinking about his “break up” text. Now mind you, his assumptions are wrong, as I was under the impression we both were seeing others and in now way did I want a “real” relationship as he puts it, with him or at that time.  Anyway, I saved his text because it’s perhaps the best “breakup” text I’ve ever seen.
Here it is
Good morning! I hope your weekend was good. I have realized that I am being an obstacle in your life and keeping you from finding a real relationship and someone that is willing to invest in that relationship.
With me there will never be more than what there has been. I like you and hope that we can remain friends, but I have to give you the freedom to pursue something that is real. I think we have both been a safety net for each other, and that is probably what we both needed for a time, and I have certainly enjoyed it.
I have enjoyed getting to know you, which also is why I know that you deserve better than what I have to offer.
Again, I hope that we can continue to be friends.

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