Let me preface my story by saying, I have met a wonderful man who is Dominant by nature and practice.  I have not submitted to him yet. We’ve discussed it and decided to devlop our own dynamic, see where it leads, and to gain deeper trust and understanding of one another.  Now, with that said….I don’t have to follow certain protocols unless it’s predetermined Play….time to take advantage of it. (Smiles and giggles)

It was decided I would go over to his house last night after work.  I was so excited to see him, to have him inside me…I get there, let myself in, as he is sound asleep!!! It’s 5 o’clock…damn him for sleeping…I wanted him…what is a girl to do??

He was sleeping so peacefully with his hands close together…and there they were, the cuffs he used on me a few nights before.  Slowly I clasped them around his wrists.  Then I snuck my body under the covers and gently moved his cock so it was peering at me from his boxers.  Paused for a bit, his breathing was still deep and rythmic…he was still asleep!  I then decided to take him in my mouth, he grew inside me almost instantly.  I then nugged him on his back so I could straddle him perfectly.  His eyes closed, slight smile….he’s awake I thought…but no movement from him.  I slowly placed his length inside me.  I begin to move my hips, and use his cock to my pleasure.  The more I rode him, the deeper he plunged inside me.  I had my way with him, used his dick to satisfy my needs.  When I was done, I collapsed on his chest, kissed his lips and said hello.  Now he speaks…”you just raped me, there will be punishment for that.”
I was so thrilled with myself…and eager to feel his punishment that he has in mind for me.  I removed his cuffs and before I could get off of him, he cuffed my wrists infornt of me.  Them with one motion he thrust me off of him onto my stomach, knees bent.  He fucked me hard from behind.  He asked me not to  cum (more of a command really) and I obliged.   After he was satisfied, I cleaned him up with my mouth and then he went into the kitchen to cook.
Food smelled wonderously.  We sat down and he began to eat.  I was still cuffed, unable to eat.  I politely asked him to remove them and he simply laughed and said “no”.  When he was done, he removed my restraints and I finally wat the delicious meal he had prepared. I thought to myself, that punishment wasn’t so bad.  As I joined him on the couch he whispered “I know what you’re thinking, that wasn’t your punishment, that was simply for my amusement. You deserve so much more for raping me.”  I could see dark ideas brewing behind his smirk.  Damn….what does he have in store for me.
I waited all night, but nothing. No punishment the remainder of the evening ….I am really going to suffer soon….can’t wait!!!

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