Its amazing that a little change on Fetlife can yield an amuzing situation.
I recently changed my profile status on my kink account to “in a relationship.” Not because I am in one, but ever since I recently uploaded a sexy picture I have been innovated with “please fuck me” emails.  A friend, a lovely submissive she is, messaged me out of concern.  Evidentally a friend of hers had recognized my recent pic of being a home of a Dom she had played with some time ago.  They were both worried that “my relationship” was with him.  Evidentally this friend of a friend felt “rushed” after playing with said Dom and she felt he was in it to just get laid. I ofcourse asked if the friend enjoyed herself during play…Ofcourse the answer was yes.  To this I chuckled, in 14 days we have gotten together 12 times, sometimes play, other times “cuddles”. Cuddles is his term for vanilla inspired sex.

Why does this matter?  Well first, it matters because I realized just how kind and caring my friend is.  She was simply looking out for me.  Second, because I realized that this Dom may be more than just a playmate.  He has never “rushed me”, in fact he can’t get enough of me.  Third, because I wanted him to know, someone felt rushed…he would not have wanted to give that impression…or so I thought. Evidently per the Dom, she was hot but “lacked intelligence” and sadly it got to where he just couldn’t hear her voice anymore without slapping her.  This led the way to a conversation in what I could do to get him to slap me… he doesn’t like it when someone talks about a subject she has no knowledge on, Never! Expect to see his phone, especially after playing one time oh and this is funny…she kept trying to get him to eat chocolate!! He is Vegan and very health conscious. I
took mental  notes for future when I’m craving pain 😉  maybe I will bring over chocolate cupcakes with hopes of him making me eat them all….Yum!!

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