It has been nearly three years since you have pleasured me in the early dawn.  Yes I know, it is hard for you to please me when I choose to sleep alone at night.  However, please understand, it is hard for me to actually sleep with others.  When I am laying next to someone, I often lay awake thinking if I move it will wake them up, if I fall asleep my snoring will disturb them.  The one partner I have slept next to did not desire you like I do.  He did not revel in the pleasure of reaching climax when barely awake or the connection of mouths that had not been brushed.
However, this morning you returned!!  Last night, after feeling completely  satisfied and at peace I fell asleep in the arms of a lovely man.  This morning, the sun still peaking through the clnight sky you appeared. So tender, gentle and passionate you aroused me, pleased me.  I instantly remembered the feeling of energy, adoration, and yes sunrise orgasam that only you can bring.  I yearn to feel more of you, morning sex!!  Oh, I have missed you so.

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