Had a fabulous night with a guy I met through an online dating app.  We shall call him M.  I generally don’t like dating apps, but joined this one on a dare and stayed for a whopping 24 hours….couldn’t take it longer.
In the midst of 50 frogs, I found a possible prince.  Within 5 minutes of chatting with M, we discovered we both were in the fetish scene and we identified as poly.
Tonight, we talked for several hours and over drinks and pretzels.  He is very laid back, he and his other partner have lived poly lives for several years.  The evening ended with a few nice kisses and plans to meet up again.
It was wonderful to get out and not think about the drama my couple (are they still mine?) are going through.  I have told them they need to work out their issues first and have taken a step back from them.  A great reminder to me on why I normally approach relationships slowly.
Excited to see M again next week. 

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

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