I was recently asked this, along with Does the term offend you?
First off, why would I be offended by being compared to a magical being that remains a mystery and inspires dreams?  Yes I know some people use it in derogatory way, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with their interpretation.
Getting back to if I am that mystical creature.  Yes and no. It really depends on the setting. 
When I am with my swinger couple or when I am in that general setting, yes I view myself as a unicorn.  Why?  Because the relationship is based on fantasy and it is ever fleeting.  When I am “playing” with a couple it is simply to fulfill a sexual desire, on both sides.  One of my greatest turn-ons is being with a couple and watching him cum inside her.  I cannot explain the feeling I get during that moment.  In that setting I simply enjoy their friendship and the moment, we do not develop deep emotional bonds.
When I am dating someone, single or not, I do not view myself as a Unicorn. Why? Because our interaction is more than sexual desire.  If I choose to date someone, I want that connection,a bond, that tingly feeling when I see or think of them.  It is more than a mere fantasy fullfilled.
If I am dating a couple, that simply means I have developed emotional bonds with both. My current couple I am romantically drawn to him, with her we are simply fast friends.
Everyone has their own interpretation of a Unicorn. Everyone has their right to their opinion. I embrace being that mythical creature and I embrace being single in a poly relationship. I love having siffrrent dynamics with differebt people. 
Everyone should embrace their journey to which we call life.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

4 thoughts on “Am I a Unicorn?

  1. “Unicorns” are such a thing in poly relationships and dynamics. It seems like everyone is searching for their poly unicorn, especially with couples- someone both people are attracted to but doesn’t cause any strife between the couple. I think I like your interpretation of poly unicorn better, because the definition I hear most frequently implies that the unicorn person have no needs of their own. Thanks for the post! 😀

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  2. Embrace what you are and the gift you offer. I also hear great waves of compersion in your words, ride them with joy. Being a unicorn means you’re special, I found that out while reading “Love letters to a Unicorn.”


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